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Parallel Lines

Case Studies

Offering a diverse range of commercial IT services has assisted clients from a variety of industries.


Whiteside & Davies Accountants

We took over the IT management at Whiteside & Davies with a view to simplify and optimise their existing hardware infrastructure which included a Server


Manchester Senior Girls School

Our brief here besides assisting with the day to day office IT support and supplying new hardware was to revamp the main ICT room through a dedicated and modern Server whilst minimizing cost


Parcel Power Logistics

This rapidly expanding logistics company approached us to assist with their expansion. This involved setting up a new domain, multiple Microsoft 365 services and the hardware and networking for the new office


Aubree Lee

Sometimes the brief is to mind our own business... In this case we focused on interfering as little as possible with the existing setup, whilst upgrading the core hardware. A new custom built workstation, SSD upgrades installed with minimal interference

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