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Structured Network Installations

Ethernet, Fibre, WiFi - Draytek & Zyxel Specialist

Whatever your network requirements we can assist with designing and implementing a quality solution. A common mistake is not involving a network specialist until after building works are complete. However it's crucial that you have your network designed before the walls are plaster-boarded to ensure a sleek result.

Usually a combination of quality, managed WiFi and high speed ethernet provides the best balance of reliability and flexibility.

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The simplest POS systems around

We can offer the most cost effective and simple POS systems in a neat modern package. Our systems are typically tablet based and we offer a wide variety of card terminal solutions for a fully integrated package. From low cost systems with no monthly fees to 24h supported contracts for busy retail locations we can help with a wide spectrum of retail businesses.


Stress-free start-ups

Moving into a new office or starting a new venture? We can provide a full turnkey package to get you up and running with powerful PC's and/or laptops in no time at all. We can advise on the most cost effective printing solutions (including where the most cost effective solution is not a product we can sell you ourselves - many  references available who can testify to this!).

We work with a dedicated electrical firm who can install physical and wireless network infrastructure to our specifications.

Our Services: Services
Hardware repairs & Upgrades
POS Systems
Data Cloud


Microsoft 365, Exchange Online, Web-Design, Cloud Backup

We offer a full suite of web and cloud services. From new domain/email setups to full web-design and ecommerce sites. We're here to get your project sorted.

Is your business protected by a comprehensive backup solution? Don't wait until it's too late to find out!

Desktops, laptops & other tech


Our in house technician has experience stemming from hundreds if not thousands of repairs. You can book us in for in-house repairs or upgrades to your desktop, all-in-one or laptop devices to be carried out either in your office or at our base. If your devices would not be cost effective to repair or upgrade you can trust us to advise you accordingly BEFORE commencing work.

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Hardware replacement - used equipment purchasing

If you take the lifecycle approach to your IT hardware we can manage the entire process for you. However we are interested in making an offer for used equipment whether or not we supply your new hardware.


For a sustainable and cost effective solution we also sell fully tested and upgraded used IT equipment to business and end users maximising resource utility and value.


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Only pay for the components you need

We have over 7 years experience custom building PC's. We can proudly report that many of the earliest builds are still in use daily use with all the original quality components. 

Custom building allows you to spend money only on the components that we recommend for absolute blistering performance without breaking the bank. This approach allows us to beat off the shelf prices for almost any type of system.

We can focus on whatever area you want, be it style, graphics performance or incredible multi-tasking abilities.

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