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Pay as you go

At modtec we believe the best option for most businesses is a service contract. This aligns your IT requirements with the resources of your IT provider. However if you prefer to keep things on a 'pay as you go' basis we can still have you covered.

Local call-out

£120 - hourly rate, min £120


Remote support

£100 - hourly rate, min £10 (new clients required to purchase an hour)


Out of hours

£150 - hourly rate, min £150 - applies to all work


Networking | WiFi | Structured Networks | Repairs | Hardware | Desktops | Laptops | Upgrades | Antivirus | Microsoft 365 | Cloud backup | Web | Email | Domains

Every job is unique, fixed prices available for many projects.

Please request a quotation

Modern Architecture

Let's Work Together

Prefer a service contract for peace of mind? Click here for more details.

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